Project Grads


We have been so thrilled to be able to work with the incredible staff and students involved with Project Grads for these past couple weeks!

Project Grads is an alternative program at Brockton High School open to teen parents and their children. ⁠(Participants must be current students of Brockton High)

Project Grad’s main goal is to assist teen parents in completing their high school education. Services provided include transportation to and from school for both parent and child, free day care for infants and toddlers on the school grounds, help in the development of parenting skills and counseling as needed. ⁠

Since October, Zoe and a few peer leader TA's have been meeting with project grad students to talk about setting boundaries, being in healthy relationships and how to process emotions that come with relationships and parenting - plus just being a teenager!⁠

We believe ending domestic violence starts with education - and we are happy to be able to teach our message at Brockton High School ⁠

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