FCR is committed to not just addressing domestic violence and trauma, but preventing them. We aim to do so through outreach and educational initiatives for youth and adults, with an emphasis on promoting healthy relationships and violence prevention.

Additionally, FCR staff train other providers and community members about recognizing and responding to the needs of survivors, promoting healthy relationships in youth, and the impact of secondary trauma on providers and first responders.


Healthy Relationships Program

The Healthy Relationship Program works with high school students from the Brockton community to educate student members on what constitutes healthy and unhealthy dating practices, the causes and consequences of dating abuse, and to equip teenagers with the skills and resources to develop safe, healthy relationships of their own. Throughout the course of a six-week training course, coordinators from Family & Community Resources Inc, as well as from The Boys & Girls Club of Metro South, and Cape Verdean Women United, teach teens materials from an adapted version of the Safe Dates curriculum.

Our group of 15 teens meet twice a week to discuss dating abuse and how we can recognize it and further prevent it in our community.

Teen Dating Abuse Statistics


-Self Esteem

-Impact of Technology & Social Media

-Gender Roles & Norms

-Cultural Awareness

-Teaching yourself and others about safe dating practices


  • Dating abuse happens to everybody, regardless of race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, age, or socioeconomic status. There is no discrimination when it comes to dating abuse.

  • Harmful behaviors are abusive when they are used to manipulative, gain power or control, cause you to feel bad about yourself, or make you afraid of your partner

  • There are things that are "cool" and "not cool" in relationships - and sometimes we rationalize the "not cool" parts and let them go on too long, because we hope for change, or the "not cool" behavior seems "not bad enough." But a relationship is not the place to wait until it hurts beyond "enough"

  • Setting healthy boundaries and having open, honest communication are two of the most important parts of a healthy relationship. If you feel comfortable and safe talking with your partner, and they are respectful of personal limits that you set, those are green flags!

  • You can choose how you are treated in a relationship, and how you treat your partner in return.

  • There is never a reason for your partner to hurt you physically or sexually - EVER.

What are Boundaries?  Recognizing and setting them are keys to a healthy relationship
Goals of the Healthy Relationship Program

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Did you know…

The Governor’s Council on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence launched RESPECTfully in 2019 a public awareness and prevention campaign to promote healthy relationships among middle and high school students. Check out their website for information, resources and other tools @ https://www.mass.gov/respectfully


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