Join our Quest! Annual Appeal 2021

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After almost two years of tremendous hardship for so many, we are thankful that we can feel a glimmer of hope that better days are ahead. With the help of so many generous donors and supporters, and despite the challenges for service provision brought on by COVID, FCR has persevered. Over the past year we have assisted over 2300 infants, children, and adults, helping them get the services they need and find the strength to overcome abusive and life-threatening situations.

During this season of celebration that brings us together in the spirit of joy for our blessings and generosity for others, please help us continue to ensure that

  • Children can feel safe in their own homes

  • Survivors of abuse can receive the help and resources they need to start a new life free from violence

  • Youth can continue to learn about what makes a healthy relationship

  • Those experiencing barriers to seeking help because of systemic and structural racism can access the support they need to achieve safety, personal growth, and the promise of a bright future

Help us end the cycle of family violence once and for all!

FCR has provided essential services for infants through elders who have experienced trauma for over 50 years.

 Trauma informed Care + Community Support =

Safety and Well-being for over 2300 survivors annually

 Together we can create spaces where all survivors are supported, believed, and valued.

  • Survivor Advocacy and Support - Reaching out for help in an abusive relationship can be hard. Often victims are not sure if their situation counts as abuse. Caring FCR advocates help survivors deal with physical, verbal, sexual, emotional, and financial abuse. They are there to affirm that the abuse is not their fault, to listen, and to provide support without judgment.

  • Mental Health Counseling - Abuse of any kind can have long-term effects on mental health. Trauma can affect how one feels about themselves and how they relate to others. FCR helps to heal the physical, mental, and emotional scars of trauma and abuse.

  • Healthy Relationships - Educating & training youth & adults from the greater Brockton community on what constitutes healthy and unhealthy relationships is essential. Trained FCR Teen Peer Leaders help provide others with the skills and resources to develop safe, meaningful relationships of their own.

  • Housing – Domestic and sexual violence is a leading cause of homelessness for women and children. Housing specialists in FCR's Transitional Housing and Rapid Re-housing Projects provide advocacy and case management, and ensure flexible financial assistance such as rental support is available for survivors who are homeless or at imminent risk of becoming homeless.

Sheryl, a mom with three children - a teenager, a child who is autistic, and a preschooler -had recently moved out of her home with her children to get them all away from her abusive husband. This was not an easy decision. They had found a temporary place to stay, but Sheryl was at risk of losing custody of her children. She was struggling to find the resources she needed but everything became too much for her, ultimately losing her job and her housing. Sheryl and her children moved in with family, but that still meant they were homeless.

Then she was referred to FCR. The first step for Sofia, FCR's advocate/housing specialist, was to help Sheryl develop a safety plan for both she and her children and obtain supportive counseling at FCR. Sofia helped Sheryl to work with the Department of Children and Families to understand and follow her service plan so she would not lose custody, and to get much needed assistance for her children. The next piece of the puzzle was to help her to review and update her resume and secure a new job as a phlebotomist (she had had prior training). This past summer through FCR's Rapid Re-housing Project, the family was finally able to find a new home of their own.

Last year FCR helped 30 families secure housing and achieve stability.


For every survivor we help, there are so many more right behind them looking for a better life, free from violence.

With your help, we can make that happen!

Your gift of

$500 helps a victim become a survivor through crisis intervention, safety planning and counseling

$250 will Adopt-A-Family and provide food and gifts during the holiday season

$109 helps provide compassionate therapy to a child who has witnessed violence

$129 will provide one night of emergency shelter, food and basic needs for a mother and 4 children

$75 provides safe transportation for a parent or child to a visitation center

$50 helps educate a child about ways to build healthy relationships, recognize and respond to violence, prevent dating violence and stop bullying

Please consider making a gift today.

Your gift in any amount will help to end the cycle of violence for those we serve.

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